Whisky Tasting

The New Zealand Whisky Collection Cellar Door is open 7 days. Sample our full range of specialty Whiskies, either by the dram, or tasting sets. We also stock a variety of local foods infused with NZ whiskies.


In 1997 the last whisky distillery in New Zealand was closed down, and the hundreds of barrels of Cask Strength whisky auctioned off or mothballed. In 2010, we bought the last 80,000 litres in 443 barrels from what had previously been stored in an old airplane hangar.

The whisky now resides in the towering seaside bonds store in Oamaru. These are exceptionally rare drams from what was once the world’s southern-most distillery.

We hope to start distilling again in the future, and are looking forward to seeing the industry flourish around the country yet again

Physical Address

14 Harbour Street
Oamaru 9400