Coastal North Otago

Dunback & Macraes

The Dunback and Macraes area was originally settled by farmers in the 1850s and later by gold miners following the discovery of gold in the 1860s. Macraes Flat is a beautifully rugged area covered with tussock and schist outcrops, visitors go there today to view the pit of the working gold mine.

Macraes Mine accounts for around 50% of the country’s gold production.

What to do in Dunback & Macraes:

Macraes Mine

Bowker's Bridge

Ardleigh Golf Club

Cycling routes

Dunback & Macraes accommodation:

Dunback Inn

Stanleys Hotel

Dunback Domain (camping)

DunbackMacraes food and drink:

Dunback Inn

Stanleys Hotel