Coastal North Otago


Kakanui and the surrounding area is well-known for its rich and fertile soils with market gardens a-plenty in the local area. You'll find a good selection of seasonal produce available for purchase on roadside stalls. These soils also form many of the country's top cricket pitches due to their physical properties.

The Kakanui River physical splits the town in two and is a popular spot for anglers and whitebaiters when the season is right.

The main beach of Kakanui, Campbells Bay, can be found immediately south of the Kakanui headland. This is a safe swimming beach and serves a good break for the keen surfers among us. Hector's Dolphins will often be seen playing in the waves and can be spotted right along the Kakanui coastline. The beach here is around 2km in length. The southern end is known as All Day Bay, and while is generally doesn't offer a surfable break, it can provide more shelter. 

Midden and other artefacts associated with previous human occupation have been found in the Kakanui area which suggest Kai Tahu used to temporarily occupy Kakanui in their travels north and south.


What to do in Kakanui:

Campbells Bay

All Day Bay




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Coast Cafe