Just 35 minutes from Oamaru, Duntroon and the surrounding area is home to a unique and interesting mixture of natural, historical and cultural attractions that are unlike anything else.


Beginning in Duntroon at the Vanished World Centre, you can learn about our fascinating local geology, the ancient creatures that used to call this place home and even have a dig for your own fossil in the fossil room. Kids and those young at heart will have a great time unearthing a memorable souvenir!

Learn about the sites which make up the Vanished World Trail then hit the road to explore these sites first-hand. Marvel at the large weathered limestone outcrops at Elephant Rocks, decipher the Maori rock drawings at one of two sites or visit the fossil site Anatini, which also appeared in the movie Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Much to it’s credit, Duntroon has also saved and maintained some rather quirky and unique features of its past. 

Have a look at the restored old gaol and Nicol’s Blacksmith – which on select days has a working blacksmith on site.

Take the time to stop and wander through the Duntroon Wetlands, where hard-working volunteers have created a lovely network of pathways that meander around springs and waterways teeming with flora and fauna.



A beautiful gorge set in a working farm with remnants of an ancient seafloor that at one time stretch much further inland than the present-day coastline at Oamaru.

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Duntroon Wetland Walk

Enter the Duntroon Wetlands either through the ancient Maori rock art on Harris St or behind the village map beside the old gaol on SH83. This accessway is shared with the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail, so please do keep an eye out for and give way to cyclists.

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Earthquakes refers to an area of sheer limestone cliffs and rocks near Duntroon. The name came about when it was thought the large house-size rocks were dislodged by earthquakes. However, in reality, the boulders were split away due to the land slumping many years ago.

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Elephant Rocks

Wander through the towering limestone rocks at Elephant Rocks. A geological wonder of the Waitaki, this unique landscape has featured in films such as Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

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Takiroa Rock Art

Follow in the footsteps of our Maori forefathers who navigated the length of the Waitaki River and sheltered under limestone cliffs by visiting an ancient Takiroa Maori Rock Art site.

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