Figure 8 Special Route

Biking route

Time : 1-3 hours
Distance : approximately 19.8 km for the whole route

There are at least four options for you on this route. All rides start from

Palmerston turning off SH1 onto Tiverton St which continues on to Goodwood Rd. There are beautiful sights along the way, great views of our mountain Puketapu and different length rides to choose from taking 1-3 hrs.

1) Palmerston – Goodwood Rd and return at any point.

2) Andersons Lagoon loop. Palmerston to Goodwood Rd, left onto Bushy Hill Rd, left onto Puketapu Rd and back onto Goodwood Rd to return to Palmerston. Optional extra to lagoon – turn right onto Anderson Rd from Bushy Hill Rd. This is a wonderful place to picnic and walk out to the beach where you often see seals, sea lions and occasionally penguins. Distance: approx. 12.9 km

3) Bobbys Head Rd loop. Palmerston to Goodwood Rd, left onto Bobbys Head Rd, loop back around and turn right onto Goodwood Rd to return the way
you came. Stop to explore Tavora Scenic Reserve with stunning coastal views. Distance: approx. 16.8km

4) The whole figure 8 – Palmerston to Goodwood Rd, Andersons Lagoon loop, Bobbys Head Rd loop and return to Palmerston. Distance: approx. 19.8km

This route is mostly on tarseal, with gravel road only around the back sections of Anderson Lagoon Rd and Bobbys Head Rd. The entire ride is across undulating terrain with only one steep uphill section along the back of Andersons Lagoon Rd. All parts of this ride are very well signposted.