Hampden is a peaceful seaside town well-known for its giant ice-creams and incredible fish ‘n’ chips – the blue-cod is a local favourite.

At the beach, not far from Hampden town centre, you might be lucky enough to see the beautiful Hector’s dolphin, can often been seen here playing in the surf and is extra special because they are only found in the inshore waters of New Zealand.

To learn more about the town spend around 30 minutes to walk the Hampden Heritage Trail. This begins outside the community centre near the public toilets and copies of the trail map can be found at Vanessa’s Cafe or the Hampden Store. The walking tour is comprised of 16 different historic sites including the war memorial, cemetery and local churches.


Moeraki Boulders

These massive, spherical concretions, commonly known to locals as boulders, were formed around 60 million years ago and can be seen scattered along Koekohe Beach.

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