Hot Tubs Omarama

A place to soak in private tubs filled with clear high-country water warmed to your liking.  Allow yourself this treat to relax, enjoy the quiet surrounds either by day or evening.  This is wellness all wrapped-up in a hot tub.

These private tubs add no chemicals to the water, cleaned and refilled after each use. The water is then used to irrigate the land – good for you and the environment!


Each tub is heated by wood and the temperature is controlled by the lucky people soaking into happiness.


There are ten private tubs, two have their own sauna, which are stunning on a cloudless summer’s evening, or cozied under the water as snow falls and the Milky Way shines brightly over-head on the edge of the international dark-sky reserve.  


Physical address :

29 Omarama Ave

New Zealand

Contact :

(+64) 3 438 9703