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Kakanui is a charming ocean-side village that is as tranquil as it is beautiful. The main beach, Campbell’s Bay, is a safe for swimming but also has a good break for surfers. Hector’s Dolphins will often be seen playing in the waves and can be spotted right along the Kakanui coastline. The southern end of this 2 km beach is known as All Day Bay and is more sheltered.

Midden and other artefacts that have been discovered in the area suggest Kai Tahu once temporarily occupied Kakanui in their travels north and south.

This beachside village and the surrounding area is well-known for its rich and fertile soils with many market gardens in the local area. You’ll find a good selection of seasonal produce available for purchase on roadside stalls. Local talk has it that Kakanui potatoes and tomatoes are among the best in the world.

These rich sand also form many of the country’s top cricket pitches due to their physical properties.


14s Beach

This beautiful beach between Oamaru and Kakanui has no official name on the map but it has been renamed by locals as the 14s Beach, as it stands near the 14th hole at the Golfe course. 

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Campbells Bay / All Day Bay

Campbell’s Bay is a great beach for surfing, swimming and having fun in the sun.
This beach is immediately south of the headland in Kakanui and provides a surfable break and a safe swimming beach which is frequented by Hector’s Dolphins who love to play in the surf.

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Kakanui’s sunflowers field

Kakanui is famous for its stunning sunflowers field. The sunflowers are usually blooming in February – and it’s definitely worth the view! This field has played host to many a photographer and film crew over the years.  These sunflowers are grown by Topflite to produce some of their seeds.  You

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