Moeraki Boulders

These massive, spherical concretions, commonly known to locals as boulders, were formed from around 60 million years ago and can be seen
scattered along Koekohe Beach. 


Each boulder started life as a pebble or fossil on an ancient seafloor. Over time, these ‘grew’ by mud accretion and calcification. They were buried in muds and the sea has, and continues to erode these from the seashore.


One of the most famous landmarks in the Waitaki, the Moeraki Boulders really are a must-visit location and are conveniently located just off SH1 
after Hampden township.

It is just a short 
5-10 minute walk from the public carpark to the Boulders. Alternatively, there is a direct track from the café at the end of a private road (for café patrons). You can also take a short loop track (150m) from the café for a view from above the boulders. There are several steps onto the beach at the bottom of the latter two tracks.
Best viewing of the boulders is at low tide.
Dogs on lead allowed.


Access : 

Turn off SH1 onto Moeraki Boulders Rd between Hampden and Moeraki.

Parking available at public carpark (5/10 min beach walk) or at the cafe beach.

Physical address :

Moeraki Boulders Road, off SH1