Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony

Visit the colony during the day, or for evening viewing to watch Oamaru’s cutest little residents waddling back to shore at dusk from a days’ fishing. 

Standing at just 30cm tall, the little blue penguins make up for every millimetre they lack in height with cuteness. They waddle ashore at dusk each day at the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony, but some also remain at home especially once eggs are laid and chicks are growing. Then, you can see the penguins in a special day viewing area and explore the nesting area and visitors centre to learn about their research and conservation programme headed by one of New Zealand’s leading penguin experts. 

The Blue Penguin Colony is a natural protected habitat.  Staff include a marine scientist who carries out valuable monitoring and environmental research, learning more about the species and the impact of changing environments and their effect on penguins.


You’ll also learn some incredible facts about these little birds – did you know that little blue penguins can hold their breath for longer than two minutes?


Physical address :

Waterfront Road
Oamaru 9400

New Zealand


Contact :

(+64) 3 433 1195