Oamaru Harbourside Walkway

Walking Track

Distance: 1.4km (one way)

The Harbourside walkway is a nice short route that will take you through the heart and hub of Oamaru and easily connect with other walks.

Starting from
the Oamaru Railway Station, head over to the entrance of the Harbourside Gardens which is on the creek-side of Steampunk HQ. From here, it’s a pleasant walk through the gardens and around the back of the Victorian Precinct, following the path toward Friendly Bay and the steampunk playground. Take your time to leisurely saunter around the waters edge with interpretation panels along the route to provide information on various points of interest. You’ll end up at the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony at which point, you can return the way you came or return via the Victorian Precinct on Harbour St and explore some more!

Alternatively, head up Tyne St and make your way up to Cape Wanbrow.