The Dunback Express

Biking route

Time : approximately 1h
Distance : 10-12km

Beginning at the Dunback Domain Camping Ground, turn left onto Grange Hill Rd to follow the beautiful Shag River course to Wayne’s Town. If the weather is good you can even cross the ford into Wayne’s Town and search for the little schist stone cottage. Do not attempt to cross if the river is high.

From here you can either:

a) Return via the same route: Cycle back down Grange Hill Rd. At the Murphy St extension (signposted), you can detour here to the Dunback township across the swing bridge or continue on to Dunback Domain.

b) Loop option: leave Wayne’s Town via SH85. First take a detour of approx. 100m to your right and you will see an amazing building called “the Grange” built in 1865. Turning left onto SH85 will get you back to Dunback where you can turn left onto Domain Rd after heading through the township, or cross the swing bridge from Murphy St then head back to the domain via Grange Hill Rd.

While in Dunback, check out the Presbyterian Church built in 1901, the former Dunback school built in 1877 and the Murphy St swing bridge (where you can see the old creamery). The historic Dunback Hotel built in 1879 is the last remaining hotel on the Pig Root from coaching days.