Waitaki Whitestone aspiring Global Geopark

The Waitaki Whitestone aspiring Global Geopark covers the whole 7,200 square kilometres of the Waitaki District which was Formed under an ancient sea and built on the remains of prehistoric creatures from a vanished world. 


Spend time in our Geo-Wonderland and discover you own fossils at the Vanished World Centre, a near-by boulder field called Elephant Rocks, and Anatini with a fossilised Baleen Whale still in situ. Be mesmerised walking up and into the Clay cliffs, then take in the view from above in a glider. Get back on the ground and take on part or all of the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail; the longest in New Zealand. 


Along the way explore New Zealand’s newest wine region near Kurow, aged whisky, craft beer, and incredible food, tiny penguins and some of the most stunning scenery you’re likely to see anywhere.



A beautiful gorge set in a working farm with remnants of an ancient seafloor that at one time stretch much further inland than the present-day coastline at Oamaru.

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Earthquakes refers to an area of sheer limestone cliffs and rocks near Duntroon. The name came about when it was thought the large house-size rocks were dislodged by earthquakes. However, in reality, the boulders were split away due to the land slumping many years ago.

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Elephant Rocks

Wander through the towering limestone rocks at Elephant Rocks. A geological wonder of the Waitaki, this unique landscape has featured in films such as Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

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Moeraki Boulders

These massive, spherical concretions, commonly known to locals as boulders, were formed around 60 million years ago and can be seen scattered along Koekohe Beach.

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Takiroa Rock Art

Follow in the footsteps of our Maori forefathers who navigated the length of the Waitaki River and sheltered under limestone cliffs by visiting an ancient Takiroa Maori Rock Art site.

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