‘We are missing you’ campaign

Join us in our new online campaign to draw national and domestic visitors into the region post COVID-19. Let’s work together to stimulate the return of visitors to the District! 

This campaign, titled “We are missing you” will be rolled out in three stages, with the first commencing this week. The messaging will be changed with each stage. It is based on the principles of Dream, Plan and Book; rolled-out in sequence with the dropping of COVID-19 lockdown levels.

You can download the full presentation of this campaign here.

We have produced a range of free digital assets that you can use on your digital accounts as well as assets to create your own images to share the message with a personal touch using individual photos that are special to you. You can then post them on your social media (business, community and/or personal) and share them with your family, friends and customers around New Zealand.

When you upload your images on social media, be sure to tag us (@WaitakiNZ on Facebook, @Waitaki_NZ on Instagram) and use #WaitakiNZ so we can see your posts!

We can’t wait to see this message spreading outward from around our beautiful part of Aotearoa, sharing your thoughts and personal images to those important to you! 

If you have any questions on this campaign, please email Margaret (margaret@waitakinz.com) or Cindy (cindy@waitakinz.com).