Your holiday in the Waitaki District awaits.

Welcome, Kia ora, Salut, Hola, Nǐ hǎo, Guten Tag, Anyoung, Hoi, Namaste, Konnichiwa, Talofa lava.

The spirit of the Waitaki District inspires unmatched possibility. Exploration, relaxation, and reconnection. The districts’ stories, mountains and lakes, experiences, Geosites, and heritage draw in visitors from all corners of New Zealand. Come and experience our southern wonderland for yourself. (Re)discover our beautiful region, right here in your own backyard.

You like the wind in your hair. You’re #theonewhoexplores

You don’t hesitate on the edge of turquoise waters. You jump in. You’re #theonewhodares

You like nothing more than a cosy sleep-in. You’re #theonewhofindscalm

You shout the tapas. You’re the #theonewhosavours


We want you to follow along and join in the conversation on social media with us  by posting your photos using the hashtag #TheOneWho

… And if you want to be someone different every day, that works too!

Whoever you want to be there’s a place and adventure waiting for you in the Waitaki.

So, who will you be tomorrow?

The one who Explores Celebrates Plays Experiences Dares Savours Unwinds