Earthquakes refers to an area of sheer limestone cliffs and rocks near Duntroon. The name came about when it was thought the large house-size rocks were dislodged by earthquakes. However, in reality, the boulders were split away due to the land slumping many years ago.

The site has attracted many fascinated geologists over the years and makes up part of the Vanished World Trail.

Earthquakes is also known for its intriguing fossils, with some visible to visitors.

To get to Earthquakes, at the north end of Duntroon turn on to Earthquakes Road. Earthquakes is signposted about 3km down the road.

Visitors should take care when exploring the area and stick to the track as sinkholes and crevasses are common in limestone formation areas


Physical address :

Earthquakes Road
Duntroon 9494

New Zealand