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18 August 2021

Business View Oceania interviews Margaret Munro, General Manager and Client Services Coordinator at Tourism Waitaki, for our focus on Events and Trade Shows in New Zealand.

Waitaki winemakers beat overall trend

18 July 2021

Waitaki winemakers have been among the lucky ones this year, reaping a solid harvest despite a challenging year for New Zealand growers as a whole.

Ōamaru: How one town moved forwards by going backwards

25 June 2021

Out of adversity comes… goggles, airships, watches and waistcoats, brocade and boots. Every June visitors head down to North Otago for a long weekend of dressing up, striding out and posing for the cameras

Four of New Zealand's most underrated ski towns

18 June 2021

You could follow the crowds to our famous ski towns this winter. Or you could seek out proper peace and quiet in one of their underrated counterparts. With snowy mountains, ultra-clear night skies and some pretty incredible hot pools, New Zealand is essentially a winter wonderland. Why restrict yourself to the handful of ski towns the tourist boards and guidebooks shout about?

New Zealand's best cycle trails for wine lovers

7 June 2021

Fine wine and a bicycle – a match made in heaven, especially when enjoyed in beautiful surroundings with two flutes of bubbles already in your belly.

The height of walker delight

7 June 2021

Lucky Kurow has the new Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail going right through it. The town’s gained an easy-access, flatland walking track along riverbank, past vineyard and farmland, writes Clare Fraser.

How to save an island

31 May 2021

On the border of North Otago and South Canterbury, the town of Kurow is tiny by most people’s standards. Hugging the southern bank of the mighty Waitaki River, it is home to just over 300 people, many of whom trace their roots back to settlers and the original farming families in the region. 

New Zealand's best open fires for winter holidays

26 May 2021

Whether you want to toast marshmallows around an open campfire, or toast each other with a glass of scotch in front of a grand fireplace, here are the best spots — from luxury lodges, to restaurants, to family campgrounds — to feel the heat this winter.

Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail: Is this New Zealand's most scenic bike ride?

23 May 2021

They look at me like I’m crazy, clueless or a particularly ill-fated combination of both. “You’ve chosen New Zealand’s longest continuous cycle trail for your first multi-day bike ride?,” they ask. “And you’re not doing it on an e-bike like the rest of us?”.

Bike trail a beacon in bleak times

22 May 2021

In the same way the Otago Central Rail Trail revitalised rural Otago, the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail is becoming a beacon of hope for the Waitaki district, writes Kayla Hodge.

Why Waitaki wants its name on the tourism map

19 May 2021

In many ways, the Waitaki district’s geography couldn’t be more enviable, following the river after which it is named from the Southern Alps all the way through to the Pacific Ocean.

Skifield operators optimistic about coming season

14 May 2021

South Canterbury skifield operators are hoping for a long white winter, but long-range forecasts suggest it may be a mild season.

Wyn Drabble: Dining out down south

6 May 2021

I approach Moeraki, not by Highway 1 but by the coast from Oamaru. And what a splendid decision that is.

Entering Narnia: 24 hours in the Waitaki Valley

3 May 2021

Holidays often don’t feel like a holiday when you have children. Kids voice their displeasure from the back seat about your taste in true crime podcasts, while embedding mysterious food items in crevices across the back seat. But help is at hand. A short trip to an area packed full of kid-friendly stops: Waitaki Valley.

New Zealand rocks: Wonderful geology experiences you won't believe exist

29 April 2021

Steaming landscapes, volcanic outcrops and pōhutukawa forests are some of our geology greats, writes Ewan McDonald. Land of volcanoes, glaciers and ancient forests, the diverse geology of Aotearoa is truly astounding. Better yet, it’s easily discoverable and accessible.

Ngāti Te Ata top chef inspires other young Māori to rise

22 April 2021

Lyall Minhinnick is one of three of New Zealand’s best young chefs who battled it out in the kitchen for the chance to be crowned Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s first young ambassador chef.

Hidden gems to visit in NZ when the Trans Tasman Bubble Opens

7 April 2021

Omarama, in the Southern end of the Mackenzie Basin in the North Island, is surrounded by marvellous Clay Cliffs.

These fun cycle trails will make you want to jump on your bike

26 February 2021

Jump on a bike for health, happiness and an adventurous way to explore our own backyard. Here are some cycle trails for both beginners and experts.

Alps 2 Ocean - Trail Notes Pt. 2

23 February 2021

The Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail is a 300km, mostly-off-road, cycling route which travels from the slopes of our highest mountain, Aoraki/Mount Cook, right down to the Pacific Ocean at Ōamaru.

Walking with dinosaurs

23 February 2021

North Otago features some of New Zealand’s most interesting geology and the area around Duntroon (on SH83 west of Oamaru) contains some fascinating rock formulations and fossils that are easily accessible from the road.

Kevin Milne: There's never been a better time to travel

20 February 2021

Kevin Milne’s been on his first ever international tourist-free trip in the South Island, and thinks all Kiwis should be following suit. In this talk, he says that”Oamaru is the most interesting town in New Zealand. (…) I urge all listeners to go there, it’s astonishing!”

Travel website reviews suggest Oamaru is New Zealand's 'most welcoming' town

28 January 2021

Congratulations to the 13,700 residents of Oamaru: the small Otago town has been identified as the friendliest in New Zealand, according to research by

One of the South Island's most compelling road trips

25 January 2021

The first part of my trip is the road from Alexandra to Palmerston. This highway consists of 167 kilometres of diverse conditions, ranging from long, straight, flat stretches, to undulating and winding roads through almost moonscape-like areas.

GO NZ: A gourmet road trip through North Otago

19 January 2021

The route from Dunedin to Ōamaru is a pleasant 90-minute drive if you don’t stop off – but if you have the luxury of time, there are plenty of delicious things to warrant putting the brakes to work a bit.

New Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail leg opens to rave reviews

16 January 2021

A new $1.2 million section of the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail has proved a hit with holidaymakers as they discover rarely seen South Island scenery.

Omarama Clay Cliffs: The little slice of Mars

15 January 2021

New Zealand has no shortage of stunningly beautiful drives, and one of the best is between Queenstown and Aoraki Mt/Cook. This route weaves through some of our most spectacular mountain scenery, with a few hidden gems in between.

Where this cheese boss calls a 'true great Kiwiana holiday spot'

2 January 2021

A quick chat with Simon Berry, MD of Whitestone Cheese, Ōamaru.

Small towns to stop at on a New Zealand roadie

22 December 2020

A summer roadie is as much about the places along the way as it is about the journey. New Zealand is chock-a-block with interesting little towns that are worth hopping out of the car for –here’s our pick of the pit stops.

How to enjoy a sweet weekend in Oamaru

21 December 2020

Big is good in Oamaru, from vast skies and enormous limestone valleys chiselled by flat grey rivers, to views so surreal they look as though they’ve been painted. The B-side to this gobsmacking scenery is a chocolate-box town that’s big on charm and character. Here’s how to do a weekend in Oamaru.

Country calendar: The 50 best outdoor adventures to try this summer

20 December 2020

The borders are closed and we have the country to ourselves, but where should we go? Brook Sabin took a 100-day road trip around Aotearoa in a Hyundai Kona EV. Along the way he mapped out 50 of the best adventures to experience over the summer months.

GO NZ: New Zealand's best active adventures Nelson to Waitaki

15 December 2020

Cycle 306km of tree-lined lakes and geosites on the Alps2Ocean Cycle Trail. The 4-6 day ride includes a new off-road section – Sailor’s Cutting to Benmore Dam, offering a great workout and stunning scenery.

The most underrated tiny towns of New Zealand

13 December 2020

Brook Sabin and Radha Engling are travelling around New Zealand on a 100-day road trip. Here are their favourite tiny towns they’ve come across on their travels.

Alps 2 Ocean - Trail Notes Pt. 1

8 December 2020

The Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail is a 300km, mostly-off-road, cycling route which travels from the slopes of our highest mountain, Aoraki/Mount Cook, right down to the Pacific Ocean at Ōamaru.

World famous in New Zealand: Moeraki Boulders

10 November 2020

Scattered along Koekohe Beach, which lies roughly halfway between Oamaru and Palmerston, are more than fifty strangely spherical boulders of different sizes, some in clusters, others lying separate.

Eight destinations for your New Zealand bucket list in 2021

5 November 2020

Feed your wanderlust, set your imagination free and check out this fresh list of 8 unique New Zealand destinations to serve as inspiration for your next adventure.

Why a small New Zealand town is suddenly the new rock music capital of the universe

2 November 2020

The world endures lockdown and socially distanced live shows, but life has returned to normal and live shows are back in the small New Zealand town of Oamau.

Moeraki’s indomitable Slow Fish champion

2 October 2020

Fleurs Place, in Moeraki, is one of New Zealand’s best-loved restaurants, and many people call it the best seafood restaurant in the country. However, Fleur Sullivan never even wanted to start a restaurant when she first came to Moeraki nearly 20 years ago. That’s just how things ended up after she started trying to help people out.

Winter holidays: 9 great New Zealand holidays for a short getaway

28 July 2020

Had enough of winter already? Head to one of New Zealand’s 31 regions for a quick getaway, writes Anna King Shahab.

World Famous in New Zealand: Waitaki's Elephant Rocks

19 July 2020

This is a photographer’s delight – and a gift for energetic kids, as well as novice boulderers.

Travel, Mike Yardley: The jaw-dropping Waitaki District really rocks

6 July 2020

The wondrous Waitaki District has always been proud of its rocks, lustily exemplified by the creamy pure texture of Oamaru Stone that underpins the classic good looks of the historical town’s Victorian Precinct.

School holidays: The best playgrounds in New Zealand

5 July 2020

From the absurd to the absurdly beautiful, New Zealand boasts some of the world’s most unique playgrounds. Here are eight of the country’s best, guaranteed to delight both children and the child within.

WOW Power in the Waitaki

6 July 2020

The Waitaki sure knows how to wow. Whether neo-classical Victorian streetscapes, ancient Maori rock art, limestone formations, penguin parades or Steampunk is your bag, it’s a region ripe with riches. Crossing the border dividing Canterbury from Otago, the Waitaki River, is like a pathway into another world.


10 July 2020

Traditional Maori culture, celebrated wineries, mountain backdrops that seem almost too perfect, and vast tracts of verdant wilderness. These are just a few reasons why New Zealand is one of the best places in the world to visit. But its range of charming towns and small cities is also well worth exploring further.

Waitaki’s geological wonderland

24 June 2020

Crossing the border dividing Canterbury from Otago, the Waitaki River, is like a pathway into another world. A region built on the remains of prehistoric creatures from a vanished world. The wondrous Waitaki District has always been proud of its rocks, lustily exemplified by the creamy pure texture of Oamaru Stone that underpins the classic good looks of the historic town’s Victorian Precinct.

Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail : Delight at each twist and turn

23 June 2020

Eleanor Hughes sees the sights along the Alps to Ocean Cycle Trail from Lake Ohau to Otematata. When we rode around Lake Ohau yesterday, whitecaps whipped across its surface. This morning, it lies placidly and turquoise.

Mike Yardley: Roaming the Waitaki District

20 June 2020

Travel writer Mike Yardley has been roaming in the Waitaki District, and shared his tips with Jack Tame. 


In an age when rivers are managed to satisfy the competing demands of dozens of users, the raw power of a mighty river such as the Waitaki is rarely seen. Draining the central mountains of the South Island from Mt Cook National Park south to the Lindis Pass, the waters of the Waitaki—”water of tears”—now churn the turbines of a bevy of power stations before being siphoned off to irrigate dry plains closer to the coast.