Recommended itineraries

Come explore a land of geological marvels!

The Waitaki has so many beautiful spots to offer, so we have created some touring routes to guide you around and to discover the highlights of our beautiful region.

These tours include a recommended itinerary, a map and instructions, as well as facts on all the spots you will visit.
Things move a bit slower on Aotearoa New Zealand’s South Island, so take your time to stroll these sights and take in the majesty of the land.

All these tours are also available on the free Waitaki Whitestone Geopark app, that you can download on your phone :   

If you are looking for some tunes to accompany your roadtrip, checkout our Perfect Summer Waitaki playlist capturing Waitaki’s distinctive spirit here!


This tour winds its way along the Pacific coast via State Highway 1. It’s a driving tour that works well as a one or two day trip.


This driving tour will take you through some of the Geo-Highlights of the Waitaki Valley, mostly along State Highway 83.


This driving tour will take you from the mountains to the sea,
through some of the most picturesque geo-vistas within the Waitaki Whitestone Geopark.
Perfect for photographers and bloggers. 


Stroll through New Zealand’s best preserved Victorian commercial streetscape. Discover amaru’s vibrant colonial history and be immersed in amaru’s rich heritage, culture and geology.